What We Are About

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about us:

We genuinely care about your WHY.

It’s in our name, right alongside CREATIVE, which is equally important to what we hold dear and work hard to deliver, every single day.

Listening to your dreams, understanding your goals, analyzing your objectives and coming up with innovative, results-driven marketing strategies to maximize your business opportunities is our mission and driving force.


As your creative partner, we listen carefully to you so that we can clearly capture and communicate what you bring to YOUR partnerships with YOUR clients and customers by helping you answer:

WHY your products/services are special

WHY people need what you have to offer

WHY your story matters

We see our work together as an ongoing alliance regardless of if it’s for a specific project or for continuous marketing initiatives. Our clients share our core values of integrity, creativity and authenticity – the foundation upon which Creative Why Founder and President Eric English launched the company.

Founder and President Eric English

Our WHY, then, is very simple:

Because when you achieve your goals, our work has meaning and purpose — and that’s what it’s all about.
We are equally committed to your results… and your success.