Creative Why Launches a New Brand in Orlando, FL

by Eric English | Posted 2 years ago

  • Branding

The Reasons Why We’re Rebranding Creative Why

We just completed a rebrand. Wondering why?

At Creative Why, we pride ourselves in partnering with clients to put bottom-line objectives first.

And the best way to demonstrate our commitment to obtaining the best results possible for clients is to be ensure that our own digital marketing house is in order, from both creative and technological standpoints.

Here’s the short of our why:

Why a new logo?

Our original logo included an icon and design that limited its effectiveness when applied to certain digital formats.

Our new logo is simpler, more versatile, and works better across all digital formats. The typography is bolder and easier to read — especially when the logo appears small, such as on mobile devices.

Why new color palette?

While we love the dynamic feel of the old palette, we also realized that at times it would clash with color combinations we use for clients. We’re proud of what we create on our clients’ behalf, and have moved to a simpler palette to better showcase their work on our site.

Why a refreshed site design?

When we first designed our website, the one-page parallax scroll design was all the rage. But over time, this asymmetrical scrolling technique has been shown to have significant deficiencies, particularly when it comes to ease of use for visitors. And search engines — Google in particular — have problems indexing such sites because it’s only one page. Our new design has an improved website architecture for both better usability and for improved search engine optimization (SEO).

Which brings us full-circle: for digital marketing to work best, design and functionality are key to its effectiveness.

Topping the list of your why should always be to make the user experience intuitive, easy, and results-oriented.

It’s certainly ours.