Digital Marketing Campaigns for Healthcare Organizations

Our Prescription for Smart Digital Marketing for Healthcare Organizations

Today’s healthcare organizations face a unique challenge: how to forge authentic, trustworthy, loyal connections with a broader range of clientele than almost any other industry. And while you may know that your medical advice and care far surpass what a website or app can provide (with a correct diagnosis 72 percent of the time vs. 34 percent for virtual symptom checkers, according to JAMA Internal Medicine), the reality of the “age of the connected patient,” is that most people turn to online sources to make personal healthcare decisions.

Armed with this knowledge, you can heal what may be ailing your bottom-line with smart, targeted digital marketing campaigns that allow you to treat your core target audience with valuable, emotionally appealing content for better engagement - and conversions.


In working with our clients in the healthcare industry, we’ve found great success with our results-driven marketing strategies. Central to our work for clients such as the North Lake County Hospital District (read their use case), our tactics include:

  • Creating an intuitive, patient-focused, easy-to-use website. Think of it as your virtual reception desk, and make it easy for incoming traffic to find the information they’re looking for - especially if they’ve arrived there from digital marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Instituting a warm, welcoming, consistent Customer Experience (CX) in both real life and online. As you likely know well, ratings on Google, Facebook and other sites really
  • Fostering emotional engagement through campaigns that tell stories that matter most to patients.
  • Storytelling using effective video content created to appeal to different market segments - including up-and-coming generations, from Millennials to Generation Z.
  • Leveraging mobile apps for fast, custom, one-on-one communication. Medical needs evolve quickly, so giving your patients up-to-the-minute access to your services, support and advice is critical.
  • Developing a strong, committed social presence, which also serves as an important Customer Service channel.
  • Creating targeted social media and Google ads for laser-focused campaigns that are both affordable and effective.
  • Providing free, valuable information on your website including regular blogs, ebooks and white papers that help address your customers’ pain points and establish your healthcare organization as a trustworthy medical authority that truly cares.
  • Implementing an internal communications strategy to elevate doctors, nurses, administrators and other staff to brand ambassadors.
  • Brainstorming offline initiatives, like live events and community service opportunities, to reinforce the power of personal relationships.

Here are more ways we can help you strengthen your organization through strategic digital marketing.

Let’s get started today to build your healthcare organization a healthy digital marketing presence.