Digital Marketing Strategy for Banks & Financial Institutions

On the Money Digital Marketing for Banks & Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions are ultimately in the business of helping people improve their lives in profound ways – be it buying a first home, saving up to send a child to college, becoming a successful entrepreneur, traveling around the world or planning to leave a rich legacy.

There’s a fine balance to strike between hitting a human note while maintaining a professional, trustworthy position. Digital marketing opens a world of opportunity to make emotional, honest connections with your core target audience to better engage – and convert.



In working with our clients in the banking and financial services industry, we’ve found great success with our results-driven marketing strategies. Central to our work for clients such as the First National Bank of Mt. Dora (read their use case), our tactics include:

  • Rebranding to better speak to today’s customer while preserving essential brand recognition and credibility.
  • Fostering emotional engagement through client-centric campaigns, both digital and real-world.
  • Storytelling using effective video content created to appeal to different market segments – including up-and-coming generations, from Millennials to Generation Z.
  • Developing a strong, committed social presence, which also serves as an important Customer Service channel.
  • Creating targeted social media and Google ads for laser-focused campaigns that are both affordable and effective.
  • Designing and building user-friendly, optimized websites – especially important as a welcoming “lobby” for incoming traffic driven by digital marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Providing free, valuable information on your website including regular blogs, ebooks and white papers that help address your customers’ pain points and establish your business as their partner in problem solving.
  • Implementing an internal communications strategy to elevate employees to brand ambassadors.
  • Brainstorming offline initiatives, like live events and community service opportunities, to reinforce the power of personal relationships.

Here are more ways we can help you raise the roof (and your bottom-line) with strategic digital marketing.

“During an important transition at our bank, we needed to find an experienced marketing company to bring a new approach with innovative ideas. Creative Why continues to bring the needed skill-sets around marketing, while keeping the traditions of First National Bank in a community we’ve served for over 90 years.” Bob White, President, First National Bank of Mount Dora

Let’s get started today and build a strong digital marketing presence. Your customers are waiting for you.