Podcast Production

Some of our Podcast Production Services

The “why” of podcasting is simple: it’s one of the best ways to directly engage customers and grow your business. Thanks to the rise in smartphone usage, about 42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, and the latest data from Nielsen reports that 69% of listeners agree that podcast ads make them aware of products or services.

But it doesn’t take massive numbers to prove why podcasting is one of the most rapidly growing digital marketing channels; busy working professionals love being able to expand their knowledge with industry-specific “edutainment” that can be enjoyed while doing something else, such as driving or working out.

Your strategic podcast is a creative and effective way to connect with and convert your ideal customers. It’s also the perfect way to establish you as a thought leader, and bring you fresh opportunities to create enriching relationships with your podcast guests.

Creating, executing and maintaining a successful podcast that elevates your brand requires vision, high-quality production and experience, which is where we come in.


Our Podcast Production services include:

  • Devise positioning strategy for your podcast specific to your industry and/or interests
  • Studio-quality production, including recording and sound engineering
  • Help identify, secure and prep on-air and production talent
  • Facilitate distribution on all major podcasting platforms (i.e. iTunes, Google Play)
  • Marketing planning through execution so your message is discovered and heard by key target audience(s) via social media and other digital channels
  • Develop KPI’s, analytics, and other measurements of success for insightful reporting
  • Services customized to your needs and budget; we’re happy to just help with initial strategy through launch and you can take it from there all the way through ongoing production services.

While it’s not easy to create, launch and grow a podcast, the good news is that with our help, it only requires a modest investment for a high-quality, professionally produced product.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your podcast!

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