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The North Lake County Hospital District is a special taxing district that helps Lake County Florida hospitals provide medical services for residents who can’t afford care or don’t have insurance.

The District was slated for reauthorization in the general election of 2016. While a narrow majority of local voters reported holding favorable views of the District’s mission, the District was strongly opposed by the county Republican party and the dominant regional newspaper, which published seven editorials blasting the District.

Leesburg Regional Medical Center commissioned Creative Why to build popular support, overcome the loud voices in the opposition and get the District reauthorized.


Polling showed that the strongest public support for the District focused on its funding of services for local residents who can’t afford medical care. Creative Why developed a campaign that drew on this well of empathy for the less fortunate, while also explaining the economic benefits of the District.

In order to include other health providers and community partners who support the District, an educational campaign — Healthy Lake County — was launched.

A multi-platform media strategy was designed to deliver Healthy Lake County’s educational message to the broadest possible swath of registered voters. The plan included a website, Facebook advertising, cable television spots, Pandora streaming radio, direct mail, PPC advertising, print ads and collateral displayed in hospitals and clinics supported by the District.

A variety of creative executions were developed. Most focused on telling the stories of patients who received medical care paid for by District funds. Others addressed the District’s economic benefits to the community.

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HLK Desktop Site

Campaign Website

A responsive website was created to serve as the hub for the Healthy Lake County message. The website explained the details of why the District was formed, how it obtains and spends funds and the publicly elected board that oversees its operations. More importantly, it told the emotional stories of residents whose lives were saved by medical care funded through the District.

Online Videos

People who received care funded by the District were featured in short videos such as these. The videos showed voters real people — their neighbors — who are being helped and how medical care funded by the District saves lives while lowering the cost of providing care to those in need.

Media Strategy

The economic benefits of the District — that treating non-urgent medical conditions in a clinic rather than a hospital emergency room is less expensive, increases accessibility and lowers the overall cost of healthcare for everyone — were also promoted.

Voters were directed to the website by a Facebook advertising campaign, direct mail, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, cable television spots and video spots on the Pandora audio streaming platform.


Direct Mail Piece

Facebook Creative

:30s and :60s Cable Spots


District reauthorization faced fierce opposition from the Orlando Sentinel newspaper — which ran seven opinion pieces opposing it — and from the Lake County Republican party. The makeup of the electorate also favored opponents: Donald Trump outpaced Hillary Clinton by 23 percentage points in Lake County. Despite these headwinds, the District was reauthorized by 59% of voters.

The District’s critics credited the work done by Creative Why for the win, with a state representative and the newspaper’s chief columnist citing Creative Why’s campaign as the primary reason the District was reauthorized.


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1.7 Million Impressions


of Voters Approved Reauthorization


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